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Monday, 18 June 2018

APRNEWS - Mobile Drug Sellers A Treat To Healthy Living

APRNEWS - A man’s little swimmers are almost as important as his being.

APRNEWS - The director general of the World Health Organisation said Sunday he believed a swift end could be put to the outbreak of Ebola in

APRNEWS - The importance of vitamin D cannot be overemphasized.

apr-news-Vaccination / Ebola vaccination campaign begins in DRC
Friday, 25 May 2018

APRNEWS - The Ebola vaccination campaign has begun in DRC, to combat t

Infection alert after dying Ebola patients taken to Congo prayer meeting

REUTERS - Two dying Ebola patients were

Ebola death toll hits 26 in DR Congo as vaccinations start

THEGUARDIAN - The death toll in an outbr

GUARDIAN - Anger is a negative emotion that has proven, more times than not, to cause severe damaging effects on an individual’s general wel

VOA- Three new cases of the often lethal Ebola virus have been confirmed in a city of more than 1 million people, Congo’s health minister an

GUARDIAN - Fruit ripening sometimes requires patience especially as some fruits can take weeks before it ripens.

REUTERS - An experimental Ebola vaccine to be deployed in an outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has conquered some major scientific hu

REUTERS - Whenever the all-female Nigerian biker group D’Angels hit the streets, people would stare in amazement at the sight of women on mo

GUARDIAN - Thousands of doses of Ebola vaccine arrived Wednesday in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is facing an outbreak of the dea

GUARDIAN - In 2016, three days after a girl in the UK drank the green tea she ordered, she was admitted t

GUARDIAN - When you savor delicious and succulent mangoes every season, you probably don’t think about the immense health benefits coming wi

REUTERS - In a decision expected to test the Trump administration’s approach to tobacco regulation, U.S.

NBCNEWS - These days, your workout routine might not involve a big box gym.