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Aprnews - China says WHO gave blessing for coronavirus vaccine emergency use programme - News - Health - China
Friday, 25 September 2020

The World Health Organization gave China its support and understanding to start administeri

Ethiopia has agreed to purchase 1.5 million coronavirus testing kits that will be manufactured at a factory in the African country that has been newly built by C

The World Health Organization has warned the coronavirus pandemic could overwhelm strained public health systems in Africa.

APRNEWS - Besides the loss of many lives, outbreaks of pandemics or epidemics could cost Nigeria trillions of naira if adequate preparations

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

APRNEWS - World Health Organization experts recommended on Tuesday a d

Mozambique fights cholera outbreak after facing cyclones

APRNEWS - Cyclone Kenneth left a trail o

Treatment prevents sexual HIV transmission among gay men: study

APRNEWS - HIV-suppressing medication can

APRNEWS - People fleeing violence in an Ebola-hit region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are being forced to cross the border illega

APRNEWS - Lassa fever is an illness caused by Lassa virus, a single-stranded RNA hemorrhagic fever virus from the family Arenaviridae.

APRNEWS - There is no doubt that the advent of social media has brought it with many welcomed and some not so welcomed developments.

APRNEWS - For nearly 5000 years, malaria has continued to plague humanity causing immeasurable deaths and

APRNEWS - Democratic Republic of Congo registered a one-day record of 27 new confirmed Ebola cases on Sun

APRNEWS - What is Pityriasis Versicolor?

APRNEWS - Stretch marks are a common problem for both men and women and they often tend to have an effect on people’s confidence.

APRNEWS - Imo wades into doctors’ strike, convenes meeting with NMA

APRNEWS - Nigeria may be certified polio-free this December when it would have accomplished interruption of Wild Polio Virus (WPV) transmiss