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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

APRNEWS - British Prime Minister Theresa May was to meet opposition La

APRNEWS - In Q1, 2019, some 2.506 million tourists visited Morocco, Mo

APRNEWS - European leaders meet in Transylvania on Thursday to launch a scramble for the top jobs in Brussels and sketch a future without Br

APRNEWS - In a release published on May 5, 2019, the World Bank announced a $

Monday, 6 May 2019

APRNEWS - Development impact on the continent and security in the Sahe

Zambia: African Development Fund approves $11.1 million for public finance reforms

APRNEWS - The African Development Fund o

World Banks scales up support for Cyclone Idai hit nations to $700 million

APRNEWS - The World Bank has increased e

APRNEWS - Bitcoin jumped to a new six-month high on Friday in a move that traders said was the result of technical forces, with no immediate

APRNEWS - In 2018, Kenya’s growth reached 6.23% thanks notably to the

APRNEWS - Kenyan exports to the USA in the framework of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) rose by 25

APRNEWS - Algeria needs to focus on avoiding economic instability during its political transition after the resignation of President Abdelaz

APRNEWS - Credit Suisse said Wednesday its first-quarter net profit rose by 8 percent, with its efforts t

APRNEWS - Africa’s net gain under a no-deal Brexit should be $3.24 billion, a recent report published by

APRNEWS - In a release published on Sunday 21, April 2019, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia anno

APRNEWS - Parliament was trying to find an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May's twice-rejected EU divorce deal.

APRNEWS - British Prime Minister Theresa May will request a short delay to Brexit in a letter to the European Union on Wednesday, the BBC an

APRNEWS - After it rejected PM's Brexit deal 17 days before the planned leaving of the EU, UK Parliament