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apr-news-Heart-Broken / Seven Ways To Mend A Broken Heart
Monday, 18 June 2018

APRNEWS - Love may be a many-splendoured thing but, when it ends, the

APRNEWS - Pimples – we all get them and we all hate them.

APRNEWS - Acrylic nails are a sight to behold yet they can be annoying and frustrating especially when you want to pick up something tiny or

THEGUARDIAN - Men like to feel good and take pleasure in knowing that someone loves them.

apr-news-Smiling-Woman-Mouth / Myths Of DIY Teeth Brightening Methods
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

GUARDIAN - White teeth give you a sparkling smile and an overall glow.

Eat These Fruits To Improve Your Skin

GUARDIAN - There are a lot of beauty pro

Four Things You Should Never Do When On Your Period

GUARDIAN - When a woman’s monthly visito

AFP - Labouring over the age-old question “What do women look for in men?”, scientists added an item to the list Wednesday: legs sl

GUARDIAN - These sexual disorders are so unusual, one might wonder the purpose of their existence, but like most disorders, their purpose is

Studio 189, a label founded by actress Rosario Dawson and fashion executive Abrima Erwiah, is reinvesting in its African roots.