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Thursday, 23 August 2018

APRNEWS - Nearly every adult has lived through at least one heartbreak

APRNEWS - Everybody will like to have a porcelain body without marks, blemish or stretch marks.

APRNEWS - Every relationship has its moments, and so do friendships.

APRNEWS - Networking while travelling gives you a chance to meet professionals from other parts of the world with whom you can exchange idea

Monday, 30 July 2018

APRNEWS - A huge part of travelling is exploring new cultures and enjo

Five Reasons You Should Have Sex During Pregnancy

APRNEWS - From mood swings to weight gai

Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally With This Toothbrush And Lip Balm Trick

APRNEWS - The prettiest thing you can we

APRNEWS - Sometimes you don’t need to be a relationship expert to notice the obvious signs of a disrespectful partner but we often allow our

APRNEWS - More often than not men think that they are good at hiding their feelings but half of the time they are not, which is why it is ge

APRNEWS - Love is not the passionate, obsessive and all-consuming romantic stories that are spun into films or written in a romantic novel.

APRNEWS - I met my husband in school, we were so glued to each other that we saw each other vitually everyday, though we never had sexual in

APRNEWS - Love may be a many-splendoured thing but, when it ends, the pain can be debilitating.

APRNEWS - Pimples – we all get them and we all hate them.

APRNEWS - Acrylic nails are a sight to behold yet they can be annoying and frustrating especially when you want to pick up something tiny or

THEGUARDIAN - Men like to feel good and take pleasure in knowing that someone loves them.

GUARDIAN - White teeth give you a sparkling smile and an overall glow.

GUARDIAN - There are a lot of beauty products that promise a wrinkle-free, healthy and clear skin.