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Entrepreneurship: Elodie Yassi, an example of perseverance and self-sacrifice

Elodie Yassi - Côte d'Ivoire - APRnews
Thursday, 16 December 2021

Entrepreneurship: Elodie Yassi, an example of perseverance and self-sacrifice

Élodie Yassi has appropriated the adage according to which "who wants to go far, take care of his mount". She understood that if she was to realize her dream of running her own optical practice, she had to make sacrifices, huge sacrifices.

While employed in an optical firm, she decides not to fully live her youth like women of her age. Half of her salary, she saves it in the hope of having a bank loan after 5 years. Something that she succeeds and, at the end of the time that she has set herself, she resigns and requests a bank loan. A youthful mistake. Young Yassi was unaware that banks only lend to creditworthy people. Now without regular income, it was impossible for him to obtain a loan.

Our young entrepreneur does not give up, however. She pays a deposit with her savings and begins her first site at Cocody Palmeraie. Unfortunately, the means are not sufficient after 2 months. As a temporary solution, she engages in the sale of thrift stores and lingerie.

Despite some good deals, the means are still not sufficient. Because, you have to pay the rent of 400,000 FCFA and continue the work. She turns to relatives and her family who support her financially. She can complete her work and set up her optical cabinet.

September 2014, a ray of hope emerges. She obtains the visa for France where she participates in the International Optics Fair in Paris.

This trip marks the start of his career. Palm grove optical wink is born. Weeks later, Clin d'oeil Optique Yopougou, the second dispensary opens its doors. Things were going for the best until the fateful month of April 2016.

During this period, the Riviera cabinet is visited by burglars. Everything is carried away. The problems begin. In addition to replacing the material stolen, it is necessary to reimburse the deposits from customers, those who have placed orders and which have not been delivered, not to mention outstanding bank accounts.

Traumatized by this theft, Yassi decides to leave the premises. She finds a little further a building of 50 m2 which is to be constructed. She doesn't give up. She pays the deposit and starts the work. In November 2016, Clin d'oeil Optique moved.

Unfortunately, the day after the official opening, that is to say, on December 14, 2016, the new cabinet still receives a visit from thieves. This time, our young entrepreneur no longer wants to move before having amortized her investments. It replaces what has been taken away and continues its activity. But the area is subject to flooding and the eyewear cabinet is not immune to the visit of the waters when the rainy season arrives.

She manages to overcome this big pitfall, undertakes additional work, and starts up again. Because she has to move forward.

One of the lessons learned is to widen your field of vision. And in her sights, she is targeting the Plateau, the business center of Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital. She forges ahead despite the doubts of parents and acquaintances. She signs a lease contract, invests her savings again and opens a third practice.

Things seemed to be going for the best. She can breathe now. But, Elodie Yassi is not at the end of her sentences.

Barely 2 years since she has been working at the Plateau and she still has bank commitments to honor, a news falls on her head like a cleaver: the building where her office is located must be demolished.

The young entrepreneur, now seasoned, takes the blow but does not fall. She starts looking for a solution. The very next day, she signed another lease contract in the same municipality and entrusted the administrative procedures to her lawyer. A month later, the fitting-out work began. Better still, none of its employees have been made unemployed. The work continues.

Today, even if the difficulties have not disappeared, the courageous entrepreneur knows it, we must move forward, always move forward.

With 5 cabinets hanging from her buttonhole, Elodie Yassi already has an inspiring profile and thick leather. Clin d'oeil Optique is in business relationships with the largest suppliers of optical products on the planet. The pharmacies of the young business manager offer their varied clienteles high quality frames, contact lenses and glasses for all budgets.

Elodie Yassi currently has 5 large pharmacies on her hunting board. His story, which we recently discovered on the internet, is a story full of good advice.

To entrepreneurs and those who hesitate to start a business, the young woman sends out strong messages: "always pursue your dreams, never give up, formalize everything you do, be accompanied by specialists, legal advice in particular, and rely on God »... Constitute his creed.

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