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May, Labour leader meet on Brexit deadlock

APRNEWS - British Prime Minister Theresa May was to meet opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday for talks on breaking the deadlock over Brexit, as the government said it wanted its EU divorce deal approved by July.

For the past six weeks, ministers and their Labour counterparts have been discussing how parliament might accept the agreement May struck with the European Union last year.


In Sibiu, EU plans for life after Brexit and the tussle for top jobs

APRNEWS - European leaders meet in Transylvania on Thursday to launch a scramble for the top jobs in Brussels and sketch a future without Britain, the ghost at their summit feast.

Just two weeks before European Parliament elections that could usher in a new wave of populists to haunt EU decision-making, the 27 national leaders will meet in Sibiu, Romania.


May's resignation in the balance as Brexit deadlock continues

APRNEWS - Parliament was trying to find an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May's twice-rejected EU divorce deal.

Lawmakers voted on options that included leaving the European Union without a deal, staying in the bloc's customs union and single market, putting any EU divorce deal to a public referendum, and canceling Brexit if the prospect of a no-deal departure gets close.



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