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Ghana to lose $300 million as a consequence of bearing price drop of cocoa on the international market

APRNEWS - In Ghana, keeping the price of cocoa for the 2018/2019 cocoa season launched today at 7,600 cedis per ton ( the price set since October 2016) will make the country lose 1.5 billion cedis ($300 million), Ghanaweb reports, quoting the agriculture ministry.


Africa Investment Forum 2018: Unveiling the boardroom deals, key highlights

APRNEWS - The first of its kind transaction-based investment Forum in Africa, on Friday unveiled the conclusions of the boardroom sessions at the heart of the Forum, which brought together over 1,000 participants from government, the private sector, development finance institutions, commercial banks, and institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds and pension funds.


Côte d’Ivoire: More than 53% of the population unsatisfied with their housing and living conditions (ministry)

APRNEWS - "More than 53% of the population said they are not satisfied with their housing and living conditions" meaning that "less than 40% of the Ivorian population live in a decent environment", said  Bruno Koné, Côte d'Ivoire's minister of construction, housing, and Urbanism.


Cameroon journalist Mimi Mefo released on Biya's orders

APRNEWS - Reports from Cameroon indicate that charges against journalist Mimi Mefo had been dropped as she appeared before the military tribunal of Monday.

The local Equinoxe TV channel, Mefo’s employers, reported that the decision to drop the charges had come from the presidency. There is no official explanation to the current development.


Ethiopia's security forces wanted Oromos to kill Abiy: Attorney General

APRNEWS - Ethiopia’s attorney general on Monday made several damning revelations including the role played by security forces in planning an attempted assassination on prime minister Abiy Ahmed.

Abiy, who became premier in April and has since implemented a reformist agenda, survived a grenade attack at rally in the capital in June.


Migrants rescued by cargo ship refuse to disembark at Libyan port

REUTERS - Some 95 migrants picked up by a cargo ship off the Libyan coast have refused to disembark in the western city of Misrata, officials from the United Nations and Libyan coast guard said on Monday.

The Libyan coast guard, supported by Italy, has stepped up patrols to stop boats with mainly African migrants from leaving Libyan shores for Europe.



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