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What To Do When You Have Feelings For Your Best Friend

APRNEWS - Friendship is a beautiful thing up onto the point one person crosses the lines of friendship and begins to have romantic feelings for the other. In most cases, we tell ourselves that we can manage our feelings but realize over time that is not possible.

Now you are in a bind about what should do with your emotions. Maybe shout out your feelings or hide that burning secret from your bestie.


Ukraine-Russia sea clash

APRNEWS - Ukraine and Russia’s relations are hanging by a thin thread. The Ukrainian president has urged NATO to deploy naval ships to the Sea of Azov, a proposal that has been sharply criticized by Russia as a provocation that could further inflame tensions between the two countries.


Oprah, Beyonce in South Africa for Mandela 100 concert

APRNEWS - Celebrated American television host and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey has urged young people in South Africa not to give up on their dreams, asking them to emulate the country’s first black president Nelson Mandela.

Oprah, who was delivering a keynote address at the University of Johannesburg, also shared fond memories of her time spent with the global icon.



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