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Australia football picks new chairman after FIFA battle

APRNEWS - Australia’s football governing body elected a new chairman and several board members Monday as it drew a line under its long-running reform battle with FIFA.

The end of Steven Lowy’s chairmanship comes after football’s world governing body successfully pushed Football Federation Australia into democratic reforms, and marks the end of his family’s more than decade-long grip on the body.


Nigerian opposition's Abubakar to boost oil investment if wins election

REUTERS - Nigerian opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar will seek to boost investment in the oil sector if he becomes president next year, according to a draft copy of his manifesto.

He plans to re-consider introducing bidding rounds for marginal fields and oil blocks, privatizing government-owned crude refineries and issuing new licenses for greenfield investments in refineries, the draft said.


10 reasons to invest in South Africa

APRNEWS - 10 Reasons to invest in South Africa includes a developed first world economic infrastructure and a growing emerging market.

The investment potential lies in its diversity of sectors and industries. South Africa is also a major trading nation, exporting and importing billions worth of goods every year. It is a gateway to African markets.


Yemenis divided by war share hope for peace

APRNEWS - Divided by war, one thing unites Yemenis in rebel-held Sanaa and state-controlled Aden -- four years into a conflict that has triggered a tragic humanitarian crisis, people just want peace.

For residents of the impoverished country, there is little escape from the daily propaganda and fiery speeches of warring parties urging their supporters to fight "the enemy".



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