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China: Fortnite video games inaccessible

Fortnite - video game - Inaccessible - China
Monday, 15 November 2021

China: Fortnite video games inaccessible

This decision comes following regulatory restrictions imposed by China, aimed more specifically at the digital sector.

Earlier this month, video game distributor Epic Games announced that it would suspend the Fortnite version specific to China, where violent, obscene or politically sensitive content is strictly regulated. In order to avoid any addiction, in August the authorities imposed a drastic limit of three hours of video games per week for those under 18.

Fortnite, this free game with more than 350 million users to its credit, has become a worldwide phenomenon to the point that some games are now watched live by millions of spectators.

With this audience, Fortnite has opened up in recent months to collaborations with celebrities who appear occasionally in the game in the form of avatars.