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10 Side Effects Of Green Tea

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

10 Side Effects Of Green Tea

GUARDIAN - In 2016, three days after a girl in the UK drank the green tea she ordered, she was admitted to the hospital for severe liver damage. Yet, advertorials abound telling you that green tea is the best thing to happen to your tea world. Used for centuries and known for its tremendous benefits including weight loss, green tea is the beloved of health-conscious people who drink tea.

Like other types of tea, green tea contains caffeine. Although its concentration is not as high as other teas, one needs to be aware of green tea’s side effects.

Do You Have An Allergy Or A Cold?
Ideally, green tea should be consumed one to five times a day. Excessive consumption can have adverse health implications including

Iron deficiency
High blood pressure
Stomach acidity
Lowered iron absorption
Heart palpitations
One of the major causes of these illnesses is having it on an empty stomach.

The time when one drinks green tea is as important as the tea itself. This is because drinking it on an empty stomach can affect the liver. Health specialists recommend that is taken two hours before or after a meal or two hours before bedtime. The green tea should be brewed between 160° and 280° F.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before consumption if you have any medical condition. Also, do not drink it in extremely cold conditions.