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Yemen sides agree to begin pullback from Hodeida

APRNEWS - Yemen's government and Huthi rebels have agreed on the first phase of a pullback of forces from the key city of Hodeida, in a deal the United Nations described Sunday as important progress.

The redeployment from Hodeida was a key provision of a ceasefire deal reached in December in Sweden, but deadlines to move forces away from the ports and parts of the city have been missed.


Yemenis divided by war share hope for peace

APRNEWS - Divided by war, one thing unites Yemenis in rebel-held Sanaa and state-controlled Aden -- four years into a conflict that has triggered a tragic humanitarian crisis, people just want peace.

For residents of the impoverished country, there is little escape from the daily propaganda and fiery speeches of warring parties urging their supporters to fight "the enemy".

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