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Ronaldinho ‘Owes 828 Million Naira Debt’

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Ronaldinho ‘Owes 828 Million Naira Debt’

APRNEWS - According to a report by Spanish publication, Marca, a judge in Brazil has reportedly ordered for football legend Ronaldinho’s passport to be seized over unpaid debts of 0f 828 million naira [£1.75million].

It is gathered that authorities were left shocked after they found a total of just two thousand naira [£5.24] in Ronaldinho’s bank accounts.

The report has it that the 38-year-old football star and his brother Roberto Assis were fined for illegal construction in a protected area, and they haven’t been able to pay off the debt because of high interest despite mortgaging their property.

Ronaldinho is yet to react to the court order but he is scheduled to take part in The Game of Champions friendly in Frankfurt on November 17.

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