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Mali's 2018 presidential poll: meet the 24 contenders

APRNEWS - Malians will head to the polls on Sunday to vote in a presidential election that observers say will test the stability of the country.

As ethnic tensions and clashes continue across the country, especially in the North, there are doubts the elections will be held in some parts, but the West African country has a long history of relatively peaceful elections.


Headquarters of West African G5 Sahel force in Mali attacked

APRNEWS - Unidentified attackers raided the headquarters of an African military taskforce in central Mali on Friday, local and U.N. sources said.

There were no immediate details on the scale or impact of the assault on the base in the town of Sevare used by the G5 Sahel – a mission created last year to root out jihadist violence in West Africa’s semi-arid Sahel region.


Malian 'spider-man' who rescued baby on Paris balcony meets Macron

AFRICANEWS- A 22-year-old man played a modern-day spider-man role when he climbed up the balustrade of a Paris storey building to rescue a baby who was clinging from the fourth floor.

The video of the man climbing swiftly up the floors till he picked the baby to safety has since gone viral on social media. He has been identified as a Malian migrant called Mamoudou Gassama.



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