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Jean Clotaire Tétiali

APRNEWS : Tidjane Thiam, a bitter enemy

APRNEWSIn the past, competing political forces presented their plans for society to the public. In principle, these were based on a diagnosis of the problems facing society, identifying the nature and scale of the social demand to which it was important to formulate a political response. Each candidate would put forward his or her arguments and promises, with a view to winning the votes of the electorate.


APRNEWS : Allegedly expensive mobile data in Côte d'Ivoire: Putting things into perspective

APRNEWSWhether as a means of exerting pressure for ideological, political, economic or social ends, boycotts are part and parcel of contemporary citizen and activist movements. A long-standing means of popular protest, it is now enjoying a remarkable revival, particularly in the consumer sphere. However, its vocation is often betrayed when it is used as a means of settling personal scores. That said, while boycotts may seem easy and inexpensive to implement, their success depends on many factors. This makes it a double-edged sword.


APRNEWS : Tidjane Thiam reacts to the Credit Suisse affair

APRNEWSLate on Sunday afternoon, UBS, under pressure from the Swiss authorities, finally agreed to buy its rival Crédit Suisse for 3 billion Swiss francs. After the initial shock of the derisory emergency takeover of Crédit Suisse, a bank that was apparently worth much more, the time has come to ask questions about the future of the new entity. How will the two banking giants integrate? What will happen to Crédit Suisse's corporate and investment banking (CIB) division, the source of the problems that brought it down?

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