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How To Break It Off With A Clingy Ex-Partner

APRNEWS - Going through the breakup was hard enough, and now your ex has refused to let go. You are ready to move on—not necessarily to someone new but away from this person. So what do you do when he’s making it difficult by continuing to reach out and trying to “stay friends” regardless of your lack of interest?

Here are simple tips to gain the clean break you desire.


Help! My Wife Hates My Parents

APRNEWS - Q: Hi, I have been married for the eight years and we have two children. We got married against everyone’s wishes and until date; we are still in love. Having said this, our relationship went through a rough patch for some time because my wife could not accommodate my parents and nobody in our family supported us.


What To Do When You Have Feelings For Your Best Friend

APRNEWS - Friendship is a beautiful thing up onto the point one person crosses the lines of friendship and begins to have romantic feelings for the other. In most cases, we tell ourselves that we can manage our feelings but realize over time that is not possible.

Now you are in a bind about what should do with your emotions. Maybe shout out your feelings or hide that burning secret from your bestie.


Can You Stay Friends After Sex?

APRNEWS - Every relationship has its moments, and so do friendships. Let’s say you have a friend and, along the line, you both start getting sexually attracted to each other. Then you end up having sex with them, things get awkward, and it damages the friendship.

While this may seem like the way some modern-day relationships work, there are ways you can stay friends after having sex.



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