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WHO maps dangerous misuse of antibiotics

APRNEWS - The World Health Organization warned Monday that antibiotics consumption is dangerously high in some countries while a shortage in others is spurring risky misuse, driving the emergence of deadly superbug infections.

In a first, the United Nations health agency said it had collated data on antibiotic use across large parts of the world and had found huge differences in consumption.


The Symbolism Of Tribal Marks In Nigeria

APRNEWS - Tribal marks are lacerations made on the face practised by parts of the Yoruba and the Hausa tribe in Nigeria. In the olden days, it was practised and was symbolic. In the Yoruba and Hausa Fulani tribes and Benin tribes in Nigeria, these incisions were a form of identity as the different parts of the land and various families had distinct ways of making the lacerations on the face.


Experts urge environmental protection

APRNEWS - Environmental experts have called for increased efforts geared towards public awareness on the dangers of poor environmental management systems in the country.

They want government at all levels to shun lip service on implementation of policies that could guarantee healthy waste disposal and pollution management practice.



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