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APRNEWS: Russia cites ‘concern’ but does not condemn Hamas attack on Israel

APRNEWS - “We are extremely concerned,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said during his daily briefing with reporters. “We believe that the situation should be brought to a peaceful resolution as soon as possible, as the continuation of such a spiral of violence is fraught with further escalation of the conflict,” Peskov said.

In a separate statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “Russia is gravely concerned over a sharp escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”


Israel: "Close Hamas offices in Istanbul" (Yair Lapid to Turkey)

"It is the duty of the entire international community to prevent terrorist acts"


Israel's foreign minister on Monday evening urged Turkey to close the offices of the Hamas terrorist group operating in the country, after Israel announced the arrest of a 50-member Hamas cell run from Istanbul.

“We must prevent these criminal terrorist acts against Israeli citizens everywhere and under all circumstances,” Yair Lapid said.


"Abraham's accords must not constitute an alliance against Iran" (Russian ambassador to Israel)

According to him, "the Palestinian question must not be left aside".

Russian Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov said his country supports Abraham's accords between the Hebrew state, the Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco but objected to them forming an alliance against Israel. Iran, reports broadcaster Kan.


Israel's rapid rollout provides the first real-world proof that COVID vaccination works as well as promised

When it comes to vaccinating people against COVID-19 as quickly as possible, Israel is the undisputed world champion so far. In per capita terms, the country has administered more than 55 doses of either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine for every 100 residents. A full third of its population has already received at least the first of the two required doses.


Violence and slurs from some of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews in battle over coronavirus lockdowns

A frightened policeman fires a live round as a warning shot. Young men cowed by baton-wielding officers, drenched in foul smelling chemicals from water cannon, scream abuse. Ultra-Orthodox Jews clashing with Israeli authorities has become an almost daily routine.

At the immediate heart of the tensions is the refusal of some elements within the community to observe tough lockdown regulations that ban gatherings of more than five people inside and 10 outdoors.



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