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ECB wants to put a price on climate risk in Lagarde's green drive

The European Central Bank can help markets price climate risk more accurately to help protect the environment and its own balance sheet, ECB board member Fabio Panetta said on Monday.

Joining the fight against climate change, possibly also via bond purchases, has been a key goal of ECB President Christine Lagarde since taking the helm just over a year ago.


At least 10 dead, hundreds injured in Indonesia landslide

At least 10 people have died as landslides caused by a strong and shallow earthquake hits Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island early Friday.

People fled their homes and more than 200 have been injured authorities said.

Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency has released several videos showing the devastating effect on lives and properties.


Ozone hole over Antarctica is 'largest' and 'deepest' it's been in years, researchers say

The ozone hole over Antarctica has grown to its "maximum size" just one year after researchers reported that it was at its smallest since its discovery.

The hole, which occurs annually, grew "rapidly" from mid-August and peaked in early October at about 9.2 million square miles, the World Meteorological Organization announced on Tuesday.


Severe floods hit 760,000 people in West and Central Africa

Nigerien student Hachimou Abdou has had to catch a boat to classes since river water swamped his route to university in the capital Niamey - one of about 760,000 people hit by severe flooding in recent weeks in parts of West and Central Africa.

Floods are common during the rainy season, but in recent years climate change, land degradation and poor urban planning have led to more frequent disasters as rapidly-growing cities struggle with heavier-than-normal rainfall.


Côte d’Ivoire: More than 53% of the population unsatisfied with their housing and living conditions (ministry)

APRNEWS - "More than 53% of the population said they are not satisfied with their housing and living conditions" meaning that "less than 40% of the Ivorian population live in a decent environment", said  Bruno Koné, Côte d'Ivoire's minister of construction, housing, and Urbanism.



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