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Emmanuel Macron

The limits of Macron’s influence in Lebanon

There was no mistaking the symbolism behind French President Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Beirut.

His Monday night arrival in the Lebanese capital marked his second visit in the space of weeks and coincided with the 100th anniversary of the country’s formation as a French colonial protectorate. Macron planted a cedar tree, an iconic emblem at the center of the Lebanese flag, with hopes for Lebanon’s “rebirth.” French fighter jets soared above the city in formation, trailing red and green smoke.


France to deploy troops to maintain security during Yellow Vest protests

APRNEWS - French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that soldiers will be deployed across the country to help maintain security during yellow vest protests planned this weekend.

Macron said the military will secure government buildings and other sites to allow police forces to focus on maintaining public order, in comments reported on Wednesday by government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux.



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