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The Wife-Stealing Ceremony In South Sudan’s Latuka Tribe

GUARDIAN - If you pay a trip to South Sudan and visit the Eastern part of the landlocked country in East Africa, you’ll likely come across the Latuka tribe. They’re a small ethnic group living in mountains and settlements. The people of Latuka, or Otuho as they’re commonly referred to, are predominantly farmers keeping large herds of cattle, sheep and goat. They practise subsistence farming, which means everyone farms for himself or his family.


how Grace Kelly overcame shyness to become hollywood royalty

BBC - Her father, Jack, was a three-time Olympic gold medallist who turned a $7,000 loan into an $18 million construction company. Her mother, Margaret, was a champion swimmer and cover model. One uncle had been a vaudeville-era star; the other a Pulitzer-winning playwright. In home movies, the four Kelly children – one boy and three girls – prove their mettle by racing and leaping off rooftops.


French rock legend Johnny Hallyday announces he has cancer

Veteran French rocker Johnny Hallyday announced Wednesday that he is being treated for cancer, but added in a Twitter message that his life was not in danger.

"I was actually screened a few months ago for cancer cells for which I am currently being treated," he wrote.

"My life is not in danger today," added the 73-year-old who has been described as the French Elvis.

"I'm doing very well and am in good physical condition," he added.

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