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Neymar blames 'brattish' behaviour on his inner child

APRNEWS - Neymar has tackled critics who derided his play-acting at the World Cup, admitting he "overreacts" and blaming his "brat" like behaviour on his inner child.

The Brazilian superstar was widely lambasted in Russia for his theatrical reactions to challenges which often left the world's most expensive footballer wincing and rolling on the ground.


Greek PM Tsipras visits scene of wildfire disaster

APRNEWS - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday paid his first visit to the area ravaged by the country's worst ever wildfires as anger mounts over his government's response to the disaster that left scores of people dead.

His trip was not announced beforehand in what local media said was a bid to avoid protests by residents of the hard-hit seaside villages east of Athens -- Mati and Rafina.



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