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Whatsapp business for SME's 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Whatsapp business for SME's 

APRNEWS - It’s a big one for smaller businesses around the world as whatsapp’s business app continues to grow. Call it the whatsapp version of a facebook page. Whatsapp first launched the app earlier this year in select markets in the US, UK, Italy among others and now it is available worldwide. This means if you are a small business, it’s a pretty convenient way to keep up with customers and grow your clientele. We speak to Josiah Kwesi Eyison, CEO of Ghanaian-based iSpacegh for his thoughts.

Samsung on Thursday unveiled its latest smart-phone model, the Galaxy Note 9, as it grapples with a sharp slowdown in sales. The world’s leading smart-phone seller, saw a 22 percent drop in mobile revenues and is banking its hopes on this model to boost sales.

And, a wave of medical research is providing fresh evidence that marijuana may help dogs and cats cope with arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety and other maladies without the side effects of traditional drugs.

You're not paying for third parties to spread your message across. This time you have the direct contact to a particular person so you can target your message to the person.

Demand for information is so strong that a “Cannabis and Cats” panel discussion was packed on Sunday, August 5, the world’s biggest cat-centric event, Catcon in California.

Ignatius Annor has more details on Sci tech.

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