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Friday, 3 May 2019

APRNEWS - Turkey is not distancing itself from the NATO alliance by bu

APRNEWS - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday called on the armed forces to oppose "any coup plotter" after a military

APRNEWS - Former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Joseph Kabila; has tasked newly elected and old governors of the Common

APRNEWS - Two people died Friday after Cyclone Fani slammed into eastern India, officials said, as the storm sent coconut trees flying, blew

Thursday, 2 May 2019

APRNEWS - President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday he was determined

Russia and Syrian army step up attacks on rebel held northwestern Syria

APRNEWS - Russian and Syrian forces inte

Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in British jail for skipping bail

APRNEWS - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assan

APRNEWS - Nearly 800,000 people in eastern India have been evacuated from the expected path of a major cy

APRNEWS - Media outlets in Nigeria are reporting the kidnap of the father-in-law of President Buhari’s aide-de-camp.

APRNEWS - May Day clashes between opposition supporters and Venezuela's armed forces in Caracas left a woman dead and

APRNEWS - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Tuesday made his strongest call yet to the military to help him oust President Nicolas

APRNEWS - South Africans voting for a new national parliament on May 8 will have

APRNEWS - The attack on a Protestant church in Silgadji, northern Burkina Faso during which four worshippers and the pastor were killed, is

APRNEWS - A week after he warned Canada to take back garbage it shipped to the Philippines years ago, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is

APRNEWS - Sri Lanka's Catholic Church said public masses will resume Sunday under tight security, two weeks after Easter bombings claimed by

APRNEWS - The deputy head of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council said that he was ready to negotiate with the opposition but there should

APRNEWS - Emperor Akihito of Japan formally stepped down Tuesday, the first abdication for 200 years in t