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Kim Kardashian Helps Free 17 Inmates In 90 Days

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Kim Kardashian Helps Free 17 Inmates In 90 Days

APRNEWS - Kim Kardashian is on a mission and no one can stop her.

The mother of three is helping free inmates at an amazingly high rate and the best part is that she is not even seeking publicity for it because she has been doing it rather quietly.

According to new reports, the reality TV star and entrepreneur alongside her legal team have helped 17 prisoners gain freedom over the last three months. It is also learnt that each of the freed inmates has served years of life sentences without parole for low-level drug offenses.

It would be recalled that Kardashian’s lawyer, Brittany K. Barnett in partnership with lawyer MiAngel Cody of The Decarceration Collective launched a 90 Days of Freedom campaign. The campaign puts the First Step Act signed by President Donald Trump in 2018 to work for prisoners who received Draconian sentences.

The famous Kardashian it is gathered has been secretly footing the bill over the past few months while Barnett, who also co-founded the Buried Alive advocacy group, and Cody handle the lawyering. We’re told Kim’s been secretly funding the campaign over the past few months.

In recent times, Kim Kardashian has been able to secure the release of the following:

Jamelle Carraway who served 11 years of a life sentence in federal prison.
Jamelle, who was 31 when he was arrested for cocaine possession, is living and working in Illinois as he makes the slow transition back to society.
Eric Balcom is back home in Florida, and seeing his mother for the first time in 16 years after serving a hard time in federal prison. He was convicted on a drug charge when he was 29 and was sentenced to life without parole.

Terrence Byrd is finally free after spending half his life — 25 years — in federal prison on drug possession charges. We’re told he’s been reunited with his 96-year-old grandmother, the woman who raised him.
Keep up the good work Kimmy!

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