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Keeping this refinery running at peak performance

apr-news-Imperial-Oil -Dartmouth-Refinery
Thursday, 17 May 2018

Keeping this refinery running at peak performance

STANTEC - For nearly a century, millions of Canadians have relied on Imperial Oil’s Dartmouth refinery to heat homes, fuel cars, ships, airplanes, and maintain roads. It’s our job to keep it running.

Through more than 1,800 projects and a 40 year relationship with Imperial Oil, Stantec has worked to ensure that Atlantic Canada’s first refinery operates at peak performance.

We have helped Imperial Oil modernize and improve the refinery by revamping existing units, designing for expansion, continuous improvement and maintenance, and ensuring that environmental standards are met.

Our commitment to Imperial Oil and their trust of our team means that 20 of our employees are continuously working onsite alongside Imperial Oil’s team. Our safety professionals, metals inspectors, industrial hygienists, environmental specialists, project and construction managers, and engineering team brings a unique understanding and perspective to this 88,000 barrel per day facility.

Recently, Imperial Oil announced that it will convert the refinery into a terminal operation. Stantec is completing the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and detailed design for the future of the facility.