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Four Activities That Cause Male Infertility

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Four Activities That Cause Male Infertility

APRNEWS - A man’s little swimmers are almost as important as his being. However, not many are aware that some activities they enjoy might be the reason for their low sperm count.

Below are some activities that men should avoid:

Hot Bath
Although a relaxing remedy when the weather is quite cold, hot baths or any form of heat affects the sperm. The sperm is produced when the scrotum is four degrees cooler than the other parts of the body. It, therefore, goes that exposing yourself to hot heat for more than 30 minutes reduces sperm production. Although redeemable, it takes up to nine months for sperm production to return to its normal state.

Fish high in mercury such as King mackerel and tuna steak should be avoided. This is because they are high in mercury and can negatively affect the level of omega-3 in the body leaving the sperm to be deformed or damaged. Instead, opt for fish that are rich in omega-3 or zinc.

A research done by the State University of New York found that there is an existing relationship between staying on the laptop for a prolonged period of time and an increase in the scrotum temperature. Findings showed that the result of the relationship is that there is a low gamete formation. Whatever you do, place the laptop on a table, not on your lap.

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Alcohol and Carbonated drinks
Men who indulge in alcohol-binging, carbonated drinks and smoking are prone to infertility. This is because the caffeine in the drinks can damage the sperm. Sugary drinks cause an increase in insulin resistance resulting in oxidative stress which generally affects sperm production. Cigarettes, on the other hand, affects semen mobility while alcohol and carbonated drinks affect the sperm production.

By Njideka Agbo