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3 Important Questions To Ask Before Committing To A Relationship

Monday, 18 March 2019

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Committing To A Relationship

APRNEWS - These days’ people rush into relationships because of vague reasons. As much as love is the prerequisite for getting into a relationship or being intimate with another person, it still isn’t enough. One needs to carry out a full assessment test that will determine if you are mentally, emotionally, psychologically ready to commit to a relationship.

This assessment, outlined below, comes in the form of asking very important questions and ensuring you answer honestly.

What Do I Truly Want In A Relationship?

Your definition of a relationship determines what your level of expectations will be from your partner. It must reflect a considerable amount of things you desire (want) which should be as realistic as possible.

Are we both tribally compatible?

Even though you might think being in the 21st century has ruled out misconceptions about being intimate with a person from another tribe, it is still a major problem.

It might come off as a myopic way of thinking but truth is, it is still a big issue that hasn’t been totally addressed and ruled out.

The Nigerian society, and in some parts of the world, has made it seem like it’s impossible to co-exist with a different tribe due to varying customs and traditions. While this may sound absurd due to the “new-age” mentality, it is still a valid consideration.

So weigh both traditions and see if there’s any common ground before taking that step.

What am I unwilling to accept?

It is completely necessary to outline the things you cannot tolerate and mark those that can be tweaked before getting a relationship because you are bound to experience one or all of these things. Nobody is perfect. Control, abuse, addiction, emotional manipulation, financial irresponsibility, lying among many other things should be seriously thought about and related to your [intended] significant-other as intolerable acts, before commitment.

Set your path straight before the journey of love and intimacy begins.

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